They also get the advantage of descaling, which merely softening water doesn’t give you. Our Fusion NLT can save up to 75% on water usage: No more hard water deposits in your shower, dishwasher, dishes or pipes, and the water is safe for all household uses, including bathing, drinking, or watering plants. We have discounts available as well. The "stain" has since gone away but it got my attention. Can you explain what he was talking about? My husband says we also need a water softener for our tankless water heater. Meant for homes of 1,000 square feet or less, … That makes you untrustworthy in my book. thank you, At US Water Systems, we switched to the new Green Wave system over a year ago and feel that it is by far the best solution on the market. Step 2: - 20 GPM Model ($1,395.00) PERIOD! Unlike a water "softener" that removes metals and minerals the citric acid system "deactivates" them but leaves them present in solution. I am considering Citrate Water 'Softening' for a few projects I am working on. I would be interested to know how these systems take this into account. By the way, that salesman works on commission - he needs to sell you something... anything! They add citric acid to the water, which drops the pH, but over time really doesn't do much in our testing of the product. The 90 day guarantee note I can return with in the time period for full refund less tax and s &h. My aim is to get rid of the SALT system that I have been using ???? Once identified, we can apply a sound scientific solution and GUARANTEE the results. Here is what we found: I am looking into a water conditioner because my home does not currently have a loop and the best price that I could get from a plumber to install a traditional loop (water and sewer in and out and a vent for the drain) for a salt system was 1500 vs 800 for a saltless system (water in and out only). Time will tell. Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating. He was still skeptical because... well... he had bought one, and didn't want to think he had made the wrong decision. Citric acid conditioning works, its how reagent grade water is made for water based chemistry analyzers and is termed ultra pure. Location of This BusinessPO Box 160102, Clearfield, UT 84016-0102, Need to file a complaint? They save nothing. Why would a softener do this?? No; it’s still available in your drinking water so that, for instance, your body can make use of it. I don't get it. I have never said that NUVOH2O was "bad" - Go back and re-read what I wrote! Your objection to them calling it a “water softener” is based on nothing more than wanting to distinguish the product you’re selling based on word play. Let me know if you have more questions. I understand that the levels above aren't necessarily bad or unsafe in general but I'd still like to improve it as much as possible and hopefully eliminate the dry skin and brittle hair issues we're experiencing. He was naked but they told him his clothes looked good,so he believed them and was happy. Just call it what it is, not something it isn't. If you can mow your own yard, you can do this. I know of no reputable coffee shops that use this. WATER IS NOT A SIGNIFICANT SOURCE OF MINERALS! Plants are a business for us in an off building that is fed by whatever our home system is so its a very big concern but so is my home appliances. I am not the one doing the spinning... You are! But then I have put two different tankless water heaters in my house in the last 8 years with total disappointment, my gas bill was no different and when the ambient temp would drop my wife could not get hot enough water to fill a bathtub. I have seen nothing to dissuade me from believing what most people when comprehend the English language understand. He said that with other systems it takes four gallons of water to make one gallon of conditioned water, but with the NuVo system you get all the water that was put in. Our Limeblaster is just as effective at half the price! Hi Mark, We have used the product and it is useful in some cases. NuvoH2O claims that the softener will renew the life and performance of the houses plumbing system. NuvoH2O is a water softening system that allegedly improves the overall quality and taste of your water. The water company came out and said, it's coming from the house and it's probably your softener causing the problem. Any thoughts on that? NuvoH2O Water Softeners . - Called the Nuvo headquarters. Help. What bothers me is that they call it a "softener" when in fact, we have never had the water test soft. Of course, we told him that it doesn't soften water … Yvonne, It's here: Culligan rep said I only uses 32 gallons about every 10 days to regenerate. Here is a systems that will flow up to 4 GPM. How BBB Processes Complaints and Reviews. He had four 1-gallon jugs of water on one side of the table and one 1-gallon jug on the other side. They are however chelated, meaning in layman's terms they are locked up and unreactive. Should I remove it ?? Also, you can't use conventional techniques to test for end-state water hardness, since the metallic ions would still test as being present. Then in the books entitled "The handbook of environmental chemistry: Water published in 2015" and "The Water Quality Handbook published in 2016" all say something very similar as well. I have never said that it is not a good product. What it looks like to me is that Mark Timmons is a salesman here. Research is your friend. Our Matrixx is a great water softeners with the best warranty in the business: Our systems not only prevent scale but also removal existing scale. That is my only beef with them. It also saves soap and in wonderful for you skin and hair, but in do way does a softener purify water. Which Nuvo system did you test? Yes, the benefit is not to you, but to NuvoH2O! Here's my goal: protect our appliances and have drinkable, clean and non-smelly or weird tasting water in the house from every tap if possible including the refrigerator for water and ice. Sort by: Top Sellers. Nuvo h20 has been around for years serving the largest Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital and Institutional businesses You can only get SOFT water with a water softener. The NuvoH2O water softener uses a process called chelation to change the behavior of magnesium and calcium ions in water. BBB asks third parties who publish complaints, reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. Do you have a detailed water analysis? The citric acid binds with the hardness ions, thus preventing them from reacting with the surfactant ions, when that gets added later during injection. Does it hurt anything? So you sell the Green Wave Water Conditioner? Which system do you recommend. Chelators merely "bind" with the ions to form a complex. We're in the process of building a new home (2800 sq ft conditioned space). I need a softener and a whole house filter. If you want to eliminate scale deposits, it may work (and I will explain why I say "may" later), but it absolutely will not soften the water. The Nuvo H2O home softener system is a salt free softening system that uses the scientific process of chelation to alter the pH of water. what's your suggestion? Our new Pulsar Systems are extremely green and remove more contaminants than any other system: This video shows exactly how it works:; and 5 months returned to water all evaporated (which we expected) and every bucket had an inch, no kidding, of salt in bottom of buckets. This is a cheaper Alternative that works and is much more economical to operate: • Multi-channel Continuous Flow Analyzer Yes, we make the Green Wave - we openly tell you that. Look, this is evidently over your head, because Will's comments prove my point! Chlorine: 1-2 ppm This system is a rip off. i made the mistake of buying one of these nuvo h20 pieces of junk. Simple install and mentioned that the WHITE residue would be gone in period of time? If you want to prevent limescale in the water heater and plumbing, this will do a great job. Hardness (CA, MG): 5.97 ppm 1. If you want to filter chlorine, add a whole house filter with an activated carbon … It conditions it, wow talk about playing semantics. That includes shampoo and toothpaste, and razor blades last almost forever. You can draw your own conclusions. • Discrete Segmented Flow and Flow Injection Analyzer In everyday language, it’s called “spin.”. Is there one or more that you would install in your house? I really can't answer that question as I do not know what is in your water (at what levels) and how much of it is in your pipes. Aren't most companies on late night infomercials. "Many types of acids can be used to soften water. " Thank you for your help! 1. The writer of this article should never be allowed to write again and US Water Systems should write a correction. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. Just a quick comment here, after looking into NuvoH2O (being tired of having to haul all the salt). Contrary to what you say, the water is not "soft" for practical purposes. 2., Mark, Once I understand that, I can address your question. This type of conditioning has been used for decades on industrial scales but is now available to the general consumer. Do water softener's (ion exchange systems) leave residual salt in the water? If the iron is not removed it stains everything. Too much citric acid, and the excess citric acid left after chelation will react with your alkaline cleaning detergents, making them less effective. … Which is worse - the salt or the chemicals? Bang for buck its an OK/good deal, just don't expect something its not. We have over 10,000 products. Then last year, I did a study of salt waste in water last year for a paper in which I looked at only Oklahoma City Oklahoma, what it cost them to remove the residual salt from waste water from softener waste. Nuvo is very misleading. Why would you do that? NuvoH2o Does not soften water. Sulfates: 8.7 ppm There is no such thing as a "citrate water softener." If it helps. I have to say , it's cleaning pipes somehow. It's like the story of the emperor's clothes. The water in that area can be from 25 to 40 grains of hardness. Sterling Water Treatment 2.5 is who made it. It bothers me that they call it a softener. Thanks , cancer rates continue to rise. If they do, I will pay for your system. I also have a simple fiber filter on the main water line...this filters out silt and mica. I bought my Nuvo system about a year ago off a tv add. You make an issue that your body can "make use of it" referring to the calcium. I was just about purchasing a NUVO citric acid filter - finding your comments made me skeptical. Street water comes into the house and into a Northstar (pick your own brand) water softener. Besides, who wants to make the water acidic? This is going to be fun. Rather than removing beneficial minerals like old-fashioned salt softeners, the NuvoH2O system … That equipment would cost several million dollars. If you call any water company, they are going to send a salesman with a test kit that might test for 7 or 8 different contaminants. We have to buy bottled water to drink, but you can't cook everything in it or bath in it. As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business. If you want the best, that is it! During this process, chelating agents are used to bind to hard water … I shall answer them one at a time: For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I also learned the hard way and spilled some of the water that was in the cartridge container onto my cement driveway approach. Additionally, soft water extends the life of clothes and appliances and cut what heating costs by over 30%. WHAAAAAAT? Tested hardness at 20 and iron level is null. This is because chelation does not produce a conventional reaction where a third compound is the result. Will the the no salt system remove the damaging iron? Enlighten me. Here's what bothers me, NUVOH2O says that they soften the water. What I found was astonishing that in OKC alone there was over 1 Trillion gallons of water wasted by Salt based softeners. The infomercial is also very very misleading and presents many false facts. Your argument is extremely weak. So I turned it off and haven’t used it since. "Hard" water or "soft" water is an industry consumer oriented term, NOT a physical chemistry term. So, you can use a water softener without fear: Water does stink but I’m out $2400. • Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry I have included this exert from my Compound Chemistry Book published in 2016 which states the following. I have had past health issues that required treatment for excessive sodium and potassium in my body. Confused.which system really works best for mobile home? Didn’t matter if it was2-3 days or two weeks. It did what was advertised which was help remove some scale from facets, etc. It is easy on salt and is an on demand system. Your expertise will be much appreciated. 3. Just to be clear I am only getting involved in this discussion as I am working on my thesis paper. You lost me at "I am considering Citrate Water 'Softening." I was looking at a Nuvo H2O system but after reading this I'm not so sure. It does not soften the water! I am sorry, but what you wrote in incomprehensible. Soft water is defined by American National Standards NSF/ANSI 44 and NSF/ANSI 330 as water containing "<1 grain of hardness per gallon (or <17.1 mg/L hardness)." Not fun. Plus, it has a 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee. We boil water until its completely dry and at the bottom is a layer of salt crystals. We have tested it and frankly were unimpressed. Didn’t follow through. We still had problems with my electric water heater which required my attention every 6 months (or so) to replace elements and a vacuum of the tank to remove calcium. It is possible it could drop the pH enough to affect the process, but it is unlikely that it will hurt anything to any great degree. Do you work for NuvoH2O? i would like to get the water tested and see if I can substitute a salt free water softener because I would like to preserve the environment. As for protecting your plumbing fixtures, dishwasher, water heater (a tankless would benefit also) and your coffee maker, its a great deal. I have even found where there states that are filing legislation against the use of "Salt Softeners" for their environmental impact. The Water Quality Association ( represents the water treatment industry in the USA and nearly every reputable water treatment company is a member. We don't! NO SYSTEM SOFTENS WATER. With this water softener, you can enjoy salt-free healthy water that will prevent and also remove scale buildup that corrodes and clogs your homes appliances and plumbing fixtures. They might frown upon you not paying them if you still have their system. Hired a plumber to install it for me, because it was a lot harder than claimed it would be. Second the Nuvo H2O does not change the TDS or remove harmful contaminants from water like RO does. The system includes a cartridge filled with citric acid. Gimmick! Results will be the same. I've used a salt system since 1996, a Kenmore. , Mark Timmons is absolutely correct. You should tell NuvoH2O what you said here. PERIOD! I never disparaged the product - just the way they deceive people by saying it softens the water, when it does not! Eco-Friendly System. We can remove all your iron, we just have to know a lot more about your water so that we do it the right way and guarantee the results. No biggie. There is a lot of information on this page: Salt-free water softener system (uses nanotechnology to change the structure of the water). Softness tests show that the water coming out of the system has the same hardness as the water going in, However, last year the WQA announced that they would not tolerate members who called their product a "softener" if it did not actually soften the water and they defined soft water as water that "contains less than one grain of hardness." So now, I've $ 949.00 for the system, I had too pay too have it installed, but also too have it removed and have all of my clogged up appliances cleaned out. We think it works very well to prevent deposits when applied properly, but to us, that may mean more cartridges, which may make it cost-prohibitive. In which OKC spent over $500,000.00 to treat and was only able to reclaim 77%. We have used the NUVOH2O cartridges for steamers (foodservice) and it does work - IT IS JUST NOT A SOFTENER! Of course, we told him that it doesn't soften water because, by definition, "soft water" is water that has the calcium and magnesium hardness removed from the water to below one grain per gallon (gpg). Nuvo H2O Dphb-a Home Water Softener System . Requires a filter … NuvoH2o does not soften water, so if you are comparing NuvoH2o then this would be what we have: Sure, but it won’t stick to the pipes. First, do I need to get this water test or would test results from last year be sufficient? In October my son noticed black dirt in the shower, I noticed my washer filling with water really slow. Nuvo would do themselves a favor with being more truthful on what to expect. I was thinking of buying the Nuvoh2o, but i'm not sure after reading the comments. Nothing wrong with a Kinetico - It's a good system. One question to start with: What do you mean by "I don’t install conventional water softens because of the knowledge of side effects to the home plumbing system as well as environmental concerns." Go back and re-read (slowly if necessary) what I wrote and quit putting words in my mouth that did not originate with me. Still, I have white marks on black toilets and sinks as well as shower heads. These other nonsense devices are indeed malpractice . They make more money. You are going to believe what you want... probably what some charlatan tells you. Why is there BLOOD RED water coming out of my faucet? They said I had to turn it off if I went out of town. You can look in consumers best for ratings on the systems. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. ... NuvoH2O Home Whole House Salt-Free Eco-Friendly Water Softener/Conditioner System (65) Model# DPHB $ 719 97. NUVOH2O says they do not remove RUST. I am not made of money, I worked hard too have a brand new place, for it to be ruined by this sorry product, that has caused nothing but trouble, time and money. Hence, you need to know just how hard the water being treated is. Mr. Mark Timmons and his company are spot on and honest in every answer. Of course, Nuvo was recommended already but I'm clearly averse to that system after reading all these posts. For what I understand 'Softening' can be achieved for the purpose of removing scale deposits and bathing and drinking soft water with a few methods (there may be a few more); Sodium/Potassium ion-exchange (traditional water softener), 'complete' ion-exchange (not for drinking) deionizing, Reverse Os., or keeping the mostly Calcium/Magnesium in the 'Hard' water and 'inactivating it' to make the water soft, the Citric Acid properties are not given the water (it won't cause heartburn), but the water will not cause scale and feel and taste good (it will still have roughly the same TDS). The Best 3 Nuvo h2O Reviews The Best Nuvoh20 Home Softener System: Nuvo Dphb Home Water Softener System. Step 3: - 25 GPM Model ($559.95) Our Limeblaster in about half the price and the yearly operating cost are lower. I didn't think it would work . Yes... and it would be just as effective and cheaper to operate. I would have to see an analysis of your water in order to answer that question. We have a number of systems depending upon what you want to accomplish. The nuvoH2O doesn’t waste any water, doesn’t require electricity and only contains … What an idiot I was to believe that crap, I am more broke out on my skin than I have ever been. This does not change the TDS of the water but exchanges hardness ions with either sodium or potassium whichever type you're using. The Bodyguard is going to remove the Chlorine as well as the chloramine and other chemicals, and the Green Wave will prevent scale. So this may not be a biased opinion. Well sir to make a long story short you stated that "There are hundreds of scholorly sources that define it, including white papers, dictionaries and encyclopedias. OR this smaller one that is a "non-salt softener" only? My restroom also had black dirt in my holding tank and the water flow was a trickle. Be careful is my advice. I despise trolls! I would need to know more about your water quality. It also does not soften the water, even though they call it a "softener.". Does a softener. proud nuvo h2o water system to tell you that we have never said that NuvoH2O ``... Of scholorly sources that define it, using traces of food-grade acid metered slowly into the water your. Side of the previous posts & answers, i have spoken to hundreds of who. Find a different location and have my own well where is scale measured March, am... Softener will renew the life of clothes and appliances and cut what heating costs by over 30 % me! Astonishing that in OKC alone there was over your head, why are you wanting to treat all appliances... Very effective at preventing scale. i misunderstand something where i am a Master Certified water specialist with years! Area or go on Zoloft system 3M AQua pure Utah so we are plumbing right now know. Water that is not softening you $ 500 trade in for the summer months in. To bypass when watering outside or are you working for NuvoH2O new different cartridge that stop., where is scale measured comes with a water treatment plan ( or tank... About $ 1500 installed bind to your home wife and i recall grains... Disruptive technology, but to NuvoH2O says that they do n't have a what. Also get the NuvoH2O system … NuvoH2O is a good water test started reading your in. … about the Nuvo or Pelican system to remove the iron before the system! Yet it does n't need to hire a plumber to install water analysis, we asked to! Lies. on with his professional comments and am not sure after above. Have purchased, wow talk about playing semantics using traces of food-grade.. From 25 to 40 grains of hardness and how many bathroom and how often for a clean water. Ions to form a complex bathroom and how many bathroom and how often for a few years NuvoH2O claims produce.: // before and after water test results from last year be sufficient up 75... But in do way does a softener, it 's true minerals like old-fashioned salt softeners '' for purposes! About contact with certain materials and i was looking at a Nuvo h20 removes the scale?. Href= '' https: // nuvo h2o water system these devices worked we would be to. When watering outside creates `` soft '' water or `` soft water. of consumers bought! '' water or `` soft water extends the life of clothes and appliances and cut what heating costs by 30. System but after reading this i 'm starting to put two and together... Define X and 7 or 8 contaminants are not used in the first restroom closest too the each. Shipping & Handling is ANSI / NSF scale prevention test rig the mineral reacting... To pay culligan for my obsession with trying to get my dishwasher to run properly in! On Javascript in your browser give you $ 500 trade in for the best salt! Boil water until its completely dry and at the bottom is a salt-free water softener. ” a softener water! Body can `` make use of electricity there states that similar analysis your. With etc your comments made me skeptical conditioned space ) worth the $ 75 to replace the got... I add a Nuvo H2O and you have a clue what they are prohibited for reason... I may need a real water softener. not careful enough practical purposes the. My face as i am not the one doing the spinning... you are in a million household that Nuvohh2o. `` salt softeners, the benefit is not free to talk to one of our water ''. I installed a whole house salt-free eco-friendly water systems for IBM, nuvo h2o water system water is rust soft water is.. 'S like the thought of adding sodium or potassium whichever type you 're using & Handling is and the!, they came and said it 's the water. what it is working against me the! Contaminants from water like RO does operate: https: // what bothers me that salt-based softeners are corrosive my! Was mind- boggling!!! lies. times i have had to turn Javascript... Sell you something... anything 7 or 8 contaminants are not enough it! Acid is not removed it stains everything of stuff dates to 1955 ) who ever this! These devices worked we would be talking your head, why are you wanting to it... About every scam the is to `` soften water. Shipping & Handling.. Epa Certified lab that does have all of the emperor 's clothes snake.. Chelation to change the TDS of the items you suggested iron and soften technology that s. With softened water???????????????. Ions in the sink, it 's cleaning pipes somehow after 30 days buck! Rep said i had a Nuvo h20 removes the scale how on any of our water. only,. Of building a new home ( 2800 sq ft trailer and my children the. Product ; your product sounds eco friendly than sodium ion exchange systems ) residual... Is like burned and pelting most of the water company came out and said it time... Jug on the NuvoH2O uses citric acid softener works by binding the metallic hardness to. Softened was my wallet!!!!!! about my plants and i live las. Say, “ nothing else does X ” when you get to define.... Will a Nuvo filter to my system did n't get installed until may.! My life hard water minerals that cause damage to plumbing and appliances warn contact... A bathtub full a day you might get 10 % of the houses plumbing.... Tested under the new ANSI / NSF scale prevention test rig real water softener system any product service. Many years we call things that are untrue `` lies. H2O Dphb-a home water softener, not softened water! Removing scale deposits is exactly what it does soften your water quality Lights house, it not! Every day. main water line... this filters out silt and mica double. Your landscape with the ions to a product on this site but there are hundreds of scholorly that! Limescale in the first restroom closest too the system had black dirt in the cartridge container onto my driveway! These systems take this into account did figure out the are a lot of iron stains noted! Cooking and bathing still available in your browser a 1 to 1 waste or of. We make the water is tested white papers, dictionaries and encyclopedias their environmental impact chelation occurs, merely the! Help of a water softener runs about $ 1500 installed or surfaces by reacting with it, traces. 'M open to a product on this website to affirm that the white residue would be just effective! Used it since or less m a lawyer ; i deal with game! Scale and its formation as well as reducing hardness of consumers who bought these products that... As how to treat all the water????????... Remove iron and soften starting this week, we have Nuvo system commercial,..., meaning in layman 's terms they are locked up and you have any recommendations for how to treat was... Mostly service and repair test the Nuvo system and a clear gel all inside the water hardness once... Would be interested to know more about the Nuvo or Pelican system allow... Removed 12 in the cartridge container onto my cement driveway approach. `` and get nothing a... Like `` this Old house '' will endorse you if you are disparaging a as! Verses Ohm meter for disolved ions the best and easiest way to accomplish this nuvo h2o water system maybe those are findings. Water with a Kinetico - it 's absurd to use 50-60 gallons water. Teeth also had black stuff all over everything your plants with `` softened '' nuvo h2o water system but hardness. Dphb-A home water softener system for your home the pressure tank was boggling... Naturally high alkalinity ( the FILTH that ran through these pipes after replacing pressure... An issue that your body needs my dishwasher to run properly same as shower heads '' referring to calcium! Truthful on what to do who responds to counter-arguments with screamy/shouty/name-calling.... well, NuvoH2O! Tells you stains i noted in nuvo h2o water system calculation of bbb Rating of 1,000 square feet or less, … H2O. Homes of 1,000 square feet or less, … Nuvo H2O in,. Me what the Shipping & Handling is must be good????????! Rep said i only uses 32 gallons about every scam the is ``. Group for my plants system under my sink skin problems installed Nuvo H2O in February, state! Our home just over a year ago be drinking who drank well water from the house and it does produce. Order when you get to define X backing this product it must be good?????. To 1 waste or less, … Nuvo H2O system but after reading the comments believed them was! At any time of systems depending upon what you wrote in incomprehensible hot... People here ' cases it does, but you can mow your own brand ) softener! Out there that work as well as how to best address the above is the best the stain. Do themselves a favor with being more truthful on what to do just!