When Doc Baker makes an impassioned plea at the next church service and is supported by the congregation, Dr. Ledoux decides to stay. After being nursed back to health by Charles, Joe decides to stay in Walnut Grove and make a new living as a farmer. He starts to take over her newspaper, demand that she and the family move back to New York City, and causes other problems for Sarah and the rest of her family in their own personal lives. Charles has had enough and exposes the work of Murdoch and Mrs. Oleson in church on Sunday, clearing up the lie about the Schiller family (they could read German), then chastises the rest of the town for reading the newspaper. Little House (1983/4) 10.01 : Look Back to Yesterday (203 - 2‑hour TV movie) 10.02 : Bless All the Dear Children (204 - 2‑hour TV movie) 10.03 : The Last Farewell (205 - 2‑hour TV movie) Wordsearch Laura has a serious talk to Willie about responsibility, which he takes seriously, particularly after Laura (now five months pregnant) collapses from heat stroke trying to save the orchard during a heatwave. She and Charles travel to visit the eye doctor for tests, while Adam struggles with the possibility of Mary regaining her vision and what that might mean for their future. Albert spends much time with her and they fall in love. Charles takes Mary to Chicago, where he is attending the Grange Convention. Nellie does not help him learn to study but instead shows him an even "better" way to succeed by cheating, which she has also been doing. A female campaigner for the equal rights of married women comes to Walnut Grove, looking for signatures on a petition to be submitted to the state legislature. Meanwhile, Laura and Andy use the Confederate money to decorate the inside walls of their new clubhouse. Charles assumes Jack knew his time was coming and decided to spare everyone the sadness of watching him die, but Laura feels guilty about neglecting him. Her father in particular is quite enraged, claiming that her late mother had a devil in her which killed her upon Sylvia's birth, and it lives on through her. The movie was originally intended to air in December 1983 but was not aired until December 1984, 10 months after the official series finale. Laura goes to Sleepy Eye to help Mary and Adam get the new blind school ready. After Rose recovers, Laura acknowledges that she had been wrong and that Doc Baker is a good doctor, and she persuades him to stay. Matthew's (Jonathan Hall Kovacs) natural father arrives in Walnut Grove, wanting to reclaim custody after years of searching for him. But after more bad news, Mr. Edwards ends up in church where he prays and talks to Rev. Charles and Mr. Edwards set off on a race against time to prevent a head-on collision with another train. Almanzo agrees, and the two are wed at the Blind School in Sleepy Eye. The girls all hide underwater until they go away. Charles and Laura travel to visit, and after Laura seems to revive Edwards' old spirit, he suggests a hunting trip for the three. Working with Callahan (M. Emmet Walsh), deputy editor of the newspaper John Jr. was working for, their enquiries rouse their suspicions over the circumstances of his death, and lead them to uncover political and business corruption which John Jr. was investigating. Charles is elected to represent the farmers of Hero Township at a Grange convention in Milwaukee to consider a proposal that farming machinery should be bought directly from manufacturers, saving money for the farmers. After being caught in an explosion at Jonathan Garvey's freight warehouse, Adam regains his sight after suffering a second concussion that undoes the blinding effects of the first, and revives his ambition to be a lawyer like his father. Charles and Mr. Edwards are forced to take dynamiting jobs for the railroad to fund the surgery. I'm guessing this is something special that Dean produced to go with the Little House on the Prairie Set that included all nine seasons and the movies. I started watching Little House on the Prairie when it first aired and I was just a little girl. Laura persuades Mary to use the money to try to make more money, and thus enable them to buy a better gift. Laura is tricked into adopting a "unique" billy goat, named Fred, but he quickly becomes unpopular when he helps himself to the Ingalls family's crops and exhibits a particularly unpopular behaviour. Laura and Almanzo's new house is completed and he has fully recovered his health. When Charles pays off the tab, Mr. Oleson wonders which of them is richer. Series Finale: A two-hour TV movie entitled, Little House: The Last Farewell. Mrs. Olesen is upset and Mrs. Garvey reveals why Nellie's final exam was so much lower than her other work. The school district's superintendent comes to Walnut Grove, looking for someone who can replace a teacher who has fallen and broken her leg. Then the townspeople learn that a land development tycoon, Nathan Lassiter (James Karen), has acquired title to all the land in Hero Township, which they had believed to be homesteading land. When she delivers the dress five minutes late, Christie refuses to pay her the full amount. Albert and Bart get into a fight and Almanzo steps in after coming out of Oleson's and seeing what is happening. Nellie finds out that she is pregnant, which comes as a shock to her mother. Note: Suzy Gilstrap (age 14 at the time of filming) is a real-life paraplegic as a result of a tree branch falling on her and breaking her back at the age of 11 as she was crouched down feeding some ducks. However, while in Walnut Grove, Albert starts suffering from serious nosebleeds and exhaustion and is soon diagnosed with leukemia. Later, through working two jobs, Almanzo becomes gravely ill with pneumonia. To encourage him to stay, Charles gets him a job at Hanson's Mill, while Caroline quietly sets him up with widow Grace Snider. However, the first of the post-series movies, "Little House: Look Back to Yesterday", features Albert's diagnosis with a fatal blood disease (presumably leukemia) before being able to achieve a degree in medicine. Eventually, Charles discovers what happens and teaches Laura a lesson about lying. Camp resident Helen Andruss is due at virtually the same time as Louisa and she and her husband Sherman are distraught over the possibility of a breech birth - an almost always fatal condition at the time. Also in reality, the state of Minnesota passed a law to allow married women to own property in their own name in 1869, and after 1874 they could own a trade license. Andre) tells Charles he is too old to take care of them, Charles feels he has a responsibility to find a new home for them. After losing two previous pregnancies to miscarriage, Louisa is once again pregnant and desperately ill, with a cruel husband who hates children and only sees wives as someone to cook and clean. Almanzo drives her to the town where she will teach and stay with the injured teacher. My family and I are big fans of the Little House on the Prairie series. However, when the state official returns, he says the funding will only be provided if the new curriculum subjects are those Laura wanted, so Mrs. Oleson steps down and Laura is reinstated as the teacher. LHOP ~ If I Should Die Before I Wake prt5 by coffield26. Little House: A New Beginning was followed by three TV movies released between 1983 and 1984. After another argument, Laura breaks their engagement. Little House: The Last Farewell ( 785 ) IMDb 8.1 1 h 35 min 1984 NR Newly restored and remastered for optimal sound and picture quality, "The Last Farewell" will delight all "Little House on the Prairie" fans. Almanzo agrees, and he and Laura are married at the Blind School in Sleepy Eye, which happens to be the same day as Adam and Mary's anniversary. However, this results in the changes in ownership of Bunny not following their correct sequence. S2 E10 48m. Guest Star: The telephone comes to Walnut Grove when Harriet Oleson buys the local franchise, and, as the switchboard operator, Harriet listens in on all the phone conversations. While she is climbing up a hillside, her old glasses fall out of her pocket and the lenses magnify the sunlight and soon start a fire, which acts as a signal for Charles and Jonathan, who are searching for them. However, this final match strains elderly Milo's heart, and he dies after the match concludes with his victory and his pride restored. When Laura pays a visit to Mrs. Taylor, she tricks Laura and traps her in the basement, because in her grief she deliriously imagines that Laura is her daughter Ellen. The Olesons hire Percival Dalton to improve the operation of Nellie's failing restaurant and hotel but, even when it is temporarily renamed "Caroline's Restaurant and Hotel", Nellie stubbornly refuses to learn. At Almanzo's urging, Laura enters a writing contest and produces a novel about the Ingalls family, which Almanzo and Jenny love. In real life, Laura did not start writing the 'Little House' books until she was in her fifties, encouraged to do so by her daughter Rose, who was by then herself a successful journalist and author. When one of the students, Susan, is caught in a sandstorm, Mary winds up saving her and finds out that she may be a good mother. Carrie has also inherited Laura's pigtail hairstyle in light of Laura no longer wearing them, showcasing that she has matured to about the same age as Laura at the start of the series. Nonetheless, if Albert did indeed die before becoming a doctor, this would contradict Melissa Gilbert's voice-over statement. Sarah becomes jealous over the blossoming friendship, until Ruthy reveals her that she is dying. … Notes: An episode of Bonanza, titled "The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother", had a story with a similar theme to this episode. However, she only has eyes for their class professor, but he causes problems between the two women when he propositions Laura. As Louisa is now no longer there to stick up for her son and Horace is openly hostile toward children, especially girls, Caroline and Doc Baker are faced with a moral dilemma but eventually make the decision to let Helen and Sherman raise the Beckwith boy as their own in a loving home with two parents. When the lawyer returns after winding up the estate, he explains to Charles that, because of Uncle Ned's eccentric and profligate lifestyle, his whole estate was eaten up by debts and legal costs, and all that is left is a box containing worthless Confederate banknotes. Albert soon falls in love with a long-time friend called Michele Pierson, and Charles starts a cooperative with the local farmers in order to compete with the large farms. The school holds an election for school president. However, she is even more surprised when the man accuses her of being kind to him to secure a loan Pa wants to make. After Joseph gets attacked by bullies, his grandfather has a change of heart and shows up at school to reveal Joseph's father. However, the old man rejects Joseph because he feels angry and ashamed that his daughter married an Indian. Almanzo punches the student out of jealousy then thinks he has no chance of Laura falling in love with him. While Charles and Mr. Edwards are away for three weeks on a delivery trip for Mr. Hanson, Mary is enthralled by the prize to be awarded for the best score in an extra-credit examination, a Webster's Dictionary. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He decides to move them to the Ingalls family barn when he learns Larabee wants to shoot them, believing that they are the ones responsible for killing several of his sheep. Meanwhile Almanzo and Mr. Carter travel to San Francisco for the Grange with a series of humorous adventures including the culture shock of a Japanese hotel, bathhouse, and eating with chopsticks, getting arrested after a false accusation by the very old lady who pick-pocketed them, and sneaking home aboard a dingy cattle car with a single apple to split. Patrick helps to rescue her, and Mary finally chooses him over Cass. Both of them fabricate stories about themselves to appear more attractive to the other: Albert postures as a tall athlete, while Leslie portrays herself as a ballerina and hides her paraplegia which confines her to a wheelchair. Sorrowful at how she treated her mother, Annie bursts into tears and hugs her, declaring that she loves her and becoming a painter whose works are filled with love, especially one she did of herself and her mother touching each other's faces, entitled "My Mama". When Almanzo sees her after her first week, he begins to think he may have romantic feelings for Laura, which confuses him. Mary wins a place in a statewide math competition, but when Charles cannot afford the cost of the trip to Minneapolis for her and Caroline, Laura is pleased to play a role in getting the town council to foot the bill. Caroline, Almanzo, Laura and Hester Sue recall Christmas memories from when they were children. The school was to merge with another blind school in Kansas which would not bring their small staff but would still retain their matron, a woman by the name of Mrs. Terhune. But when Charles is annoyed by the attitude of an aging lumberjack (. Harper's alcoholism has taken a deep toll on the family, which is coming apart because of the lack of a strong head of the household. When Nellie teases Laura about having Albert as a brother, Laura socks Nellie in the eye. After Jonathan wins a rigged preliminary bout, many of the residents of Walnut Grove bet on Jonathan to win the final, including Mrs. Oleson who risks the money entrusted to her as treasurer for the church. She enrolls them at the Winoka Prep School, much to Mr. Oleson's dismay. Jobless, Little Lou begins stealing from the Mercantile to support his baby daughter. S9 E3 48m. Almanzo makes a mistake in carrying too much uphill and is forced to unload, then finds his goods absconded by a desperately poor family, while Charles gets the hare-brained idea of leaving the beaten path and driving his horses into a creek and private property, picking up a hitchhiker named Kavendish (. In contrast, Laura does not truly come to grips with Albert's imminent death until late in the story, and wishes that he rest in bed rather than exhaust himself. In fact, John Jr. doesn't want to kill animals and prefers reading and writing poetry, but Mr. Edwards is reluctant to accept that and insists they go on a hunting trip. Mrs. Oleson wants Blanche killed, but Mr. Edwards devises a plan to trick them into thinking Blanche is dead. After Laura talks with Caroline, who understands that she is in love with Almanzo, Laura makes up with her Pa and tells him he can still call her "Half-Pint". After exploring various possibilities, Charles is persuaded by Albert to take the children back to Walnut Grove to search for a foster family there. https://littlehouse.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_702:_Laura_Ingalls_Wilder_(Part_2)?oldid=19232. While they are waiting, Caroline tells the children the story of how she and Charles met, eventually revealing that she learned that he always has a good reason for keeping her waiting. But Albert and Andy prove their worth, hiking for miles through woods to find a comfortable bed and meal in Sleepy Eye during a downpour. Meanwhile, the whole of the township of Walnut Grove is threatened by an escalation of the dispute between The Grange and the railroads. When Caroline finds out the truth, she prepares for a showdown with Mary, but there is another surprise in the offing for her, and mother and daughter are reconciled. Charles and Caroline manage The Dakota Hotel; Nels and Jonathan Garvey are working in the saloon; and Alice Garvey starts a school in a livery stable since the public school burned down and the only other school in town is an expensive private academy. 9:56 [Deleted video] When his family and friends question if he is losing his grip on reality, Charles takes James away into the woods, and builds a shelter and a stone altar. Jonathan helps Andy resolve his feeling that Mary and Adam are to blame for his mother's death. The adventures of the Ingalls Family continue in Season Two of “Little House on the Prairie”. A traveling minister is planning a surprise for Rev. Mr. Edwards, and later, Almanzo and John, become mixed up with the criminal activities of a bumbling gang of outlaws. After Almanzo loses his crop and postpones their wedding, Laura offers to take a teaching position in another town to help earn money for a new farm. Charles and Caroline decide to also move to Winoka in order to be near Mary. Adam and Mary decide to leave the blind school in the care of Hester-Sue, and they return to Walnut Grove, where Adam opens a law firm of his own. After Nellie talks with Miss Beadle, she and Luke run away to have a very short-lived marriage (about 10 minutes). Note: As the episode ends, Michael Landon narrates a flashforward (taken from "The Little House Years"), in which his daughter Shawna Landon is the little girl running into the public library to read Laura Ingalls Wilder's third book, Little House on the Prairie. When Adam returns, saying they were refused the funding, Charles finds a good use for the reward money he has received for the recapture of the convicts. However, on the wedding day, some surprise visitors show up, and Hester Sue sadly realizes that, despite his good intentions, Sam has not changed. Alden; he is arranging a house for him in Walnut Grove. the result of the leaves project gives some satisfaction to Laura and Mary. However, the tribe moves on, except that Charles hides the tribe leader at his farm while he recovers. A major customer goes bankrupt, so Hanson closes the mill and cannot pay Charles two months' back pay, which means Charles cannot pay off their large tab at the Mercantile. But they have different ideas about what will be best for Almanzo. When Charles' mother passes away, he travels to Wisconsin and persuades his father, Lansford Ingalls (Arthur Hill), to go back with him to Walnut Grove. The younger one, Josh (David Faustino), has not spoken since his arrival at the orphanage in Sleepy Eye, making him unappealing to a potential adoptive couple, but his older brother, Michael, refuses to be separated from him, so they run away, and Jonathan, as deputy, spends much time searching for them. When it's time to make a wish and blow out the candles, everyone is brought to tears when Mary says, "I have nothing to wish for! Adam travels with Hester-Sue, Caroline and Harriet to Redwood Falls to apply for state funding for the blind school. Inspired by learning about the railroads at school, Mary, Laura, and Carl resort to underhand tactics to join their fathers on a haulage trip to Springfield, so that they can see real trains. Mary is excited when she gets a pair of glasses from a doctor in Mankato, but her excitement fades when Nellie and Willie cruelly tease her, even though Miss Beadle also wears glasses. Caroline hires a handsome young handyman named Chris Nelson (Gil Gerard) to complete the job. The two begin a wonderful friendship, and they learn they have real feelings for each other. Soon, Albert and the others find football is not so much fun, and when Ellerbee's single-mindedness endangers Albert's well-being, Charles has to step in. When Mr. Edwards returns, Walnut Grove is placed under quarantine and Alicia, Mr. Edward's daughter, becomes ill with the disease. At the end, it is stated by Melissa Gilbert in a voice-over that Albert would return to Walnut Grove years later as "Doctor Albert Ingalls”. When a new girl arrives in school who looks like a rival, Laura decides she must compete for him by giving up her 'tom-boy' behaviour and becoming more like Nellie. In the spring of 1887, Charles, having suffered a hard winter and wanting to pursue a promising life, has moved the family to Burr Oak, Iowa. So Laura seeks him out at the church social, and they share their first kiss on her 16th birthday. Her parents decide to send her off to a blind school in Iowa. Laura breaks the engagement when Almanzo refuses her help. Charles has an idea for a way to help Olga, despite her embittered father Jon's-(Jan Merlin) lack of support; who doesn't want his daughter to go anywhere in her condition. Fortunately, a friend he has made allows him to stay at his house and be attended by his doctor. When the drought continues, Almanzo loses his crop and the land. After an incident at the Olesons', Charles becomes very angry with Laura. Little House Wiki - Little House on the Prairie. But Hester Sue now has, and she forgives him. The Winoka Blind School would retain Mary and Adam while its administrator would retire. Nellie has been mis-treating Bunny, who was Laura's horse until she sold it to Mr. Oleson (in "Christmas at Plum Creek"). Mary, Nellie and Elmer, an unpopular boy amongst the children, are in the running. When Laura and Mary go skinny-dipping with their friend, Ellen Taylor (Mia Bendixsen), some perverted boys come by to get a glimpse. Mrs. Olesen's husband votes to let Kagan in the church against his wife's wishes. A traveling minister, Jacob Danforth, comes to Walnut Grove on a 'healing' crusade and attracts a large attendance at his meetings where some people make miraculous recoveries. Laura and Albert temporarily get back at Mrs. Oleson, but she responds by writing a story suggesting Charles fathered Albert outside his marriage. Meanwhile, Mary is heavily pregnant, and soon gives birth to Charles' and Caroline's first grandson, Adam Charles Holbrook Kendall. Now, Joe's biggest challenge is to figure out how to keep his son from making the same mistake he did. When Standish refuses to give Charles a pay advance, he sells his fiddle to get enough money for the hat without telling Caroline. Almanzo proposes to Laura, who accepts, but Charles insists that they should not marry until Laura is eighteen. Hodgekiss volunteers to get the donations from Walnut Grove, but plans to take the donations for himself. He has become so attached to the Ingalls family that he asks Charles to adopt him. Then Adam and Mary also move there when Adam takes a position at his late father's law firm. Nellie gives Laura some bad advice and she fails the exam miserably. Laura's things are found outside the house of Busby, a mentally challenged and disfigured man whom Charles had warned his daughters to stay away from, and suspicion falls on him. Alden falls in love with a member of his congregation and marries her, but almost comes at a cost when Mrs. Oleson attempts to tear their relationship apart, distressing the Reverend to illness. When Lassiter arrives to claim the town, he finds all the town buildings dynamited, and the townsfolk leave to start new lives elsewhere, as many of them have done before. Caleb Hodgekiss, an ex-convict, finds him and takes him to his house where his wife takes care of him. Charles first locates the young father, Bobbie, and together they find the mother who is his beloved, Anna. Andy, though, does improve his grades abruptly by cheating, but Laura sees him doing so during a test. Elsewhere, Caroline and Mrs Oleson find they are rivals, Nels and Charles join forces to enter a donkey-riding contest, and Laura quickly loses all her spending money and then has trouble trying to stay with both Carrie and Bandit. Encountering a steep hill, Charles and Albert (with James and Cassandra in the back of their wagon) descend safely, but Alvin loses control of his wagon which overturns, killing him and Sarah instantly. As part of a school project, Albert becomes pen pals with a girl in Minneapolis named Leslie (Suzy Gilstrap). The movie ends with Miss Plum and the children joining hands in a circle around Laura and Albert, who join their own hands and raise them high, both in celebration and as a symbol of their bond. The husband in the family that gives Mary accommodation has the same harsh beliefs and is also hostile towards Mary. Jul 25, 2012 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The Oleson and Ingalls families travel to a fair, where Mary hopes to spend time with a boy, Patrick. Refusing to leave until James recovers, Charles prays to God for a miracle. Then Charles has the idea of trying to get it published. This causes Quinn to tell him he can stay with the Ingalls, which confirms to Albert that his father does not love him as Charles does. However, as they appear before the judge, Charles helps them realize that their love for each other is more important than their differences, and they are reconciled. Meanwhile, Mrs. Flannery, a childless elderly friend of Laura's, passes away after gifting her big house to Laura and Almanzo, who set about turning it into a boardinghouse, and Willie and Rachel move in as their first boarders. In the end, Adam and Eva themselves marry, not only uniting them through their symbolic names, but causing now-Mrs. Eva Simms to become a stepmother, though annoying the officiator and his wife to no end at the ungodly hour they were awakened. However, his impassioned intervention on behalf of the boys produces a change in Josh which changes the minds of the couple previously wanting to adopt only Michael, and they agree to take Josh too. The blind school in Sleepy Eye has been taken under the control of the state, so Hester Sue moves to Walnut Grove to help Caroline run the restaurant and hotel. As they search for her, Mr. Webb shoots the mystery rapist (revealed to be the town blacksmith) when he attacks Albert and subsequently escapes, but Sylvia suffers a bad fall, and she later dies in the arms of a distraught, heartbroken Albert, however the cryptic final scene (where Albert and Sylvia kiss each other) suggests otherwise, and that they may meet again. Later at the circus, Nels announces [as the ring master] to all in attendance that Annabelle is his sister and how proud he is of her. by mountainkath. In the end, Eliza Jane decides to leave, but not before convincing her little brother to let his wife-to-be teach at the school. In tears, she and her family bury him in the meadow. Picking up where the previous season left off, the Ingalls family moves to Winoka, where Mary teaches at a new blind school established by Adam Kendall. This leads to Laura becoming friends with Olga Nordstrom (Kim Richards), a quiet friendly girl from her school who was born with a birth defect causing her left leg to be shorter than the other. Unfortunately, many are unable to get home and the men of Walnut Grove must organize a search party. At the last church service, Mary shares her testimony with the congregation. After Caroline complains about the small size of her kitchen, Charles decides to build an addition onto the house, but after starting the work he has to leave to take a rush delivery to Mankato. He is soon leaving this large blind school to accept a better teaching position at a smaller school in Winoka. However, when she wants her compliant husband elected as mayor, she encounters unexpected opposition from some of the town's oldest inhabitants. Joe Kagan gives up his farm and moves to Sleepy Eye to work with Jonathan Garvey in his freight business and hoping to persuade Hester-Sue to marry him. When Mr. Webb finds out that Sylvia is still seeing Albert, he grabs his shotgun and goes to the Ingalls' house. Caroline makes Laura apologize to Nellie and Almanzo. Out of 205 episodes, he directed 90 of them, including the two-hour pilot, the final episode, and additionally TV movies Little House Years and Little House: The Last Farewell . Charles and Caroline visit Walnut Grove and are pleased to be able to stay in the 'Little House' when John and Sarah Carter go out of town. She returns to Walnut Grove temporarily in order to say goodbye. The families return home to Walnut Grove, only to find the town in disrepair and a dispirited and disabled Lars Hanson declining after a stroke. Albert and a friend named Clay experiment with smoking a pipe in the basement and accidentally start a fire, which destroys the building and claims the lives of Alice Garvey and Adam Jr. Blacksmith ( Richard Jaeckel ) be his children after nearly destroying his marriage station the... Mrs. Garvey reveals why Nellie 's personality. ) had scratched her leg little house on the prairie: the last farewell part 2! Standish 's bar one when Caroline becomes one of the note, but theatrically dressed in funeral... Exhibitor is impressed by Annie 's work and arranges for her locket in the church in Walnut Grove has. Jason and, with Albert 's counsel, tries to fit a new Beginning was followed by people... Apart when Harve reveals he is married and that for him in Walnut Grove and make good their.., Caroline and Charles both have quiet talks with Laura the circus!! Almanzo refuses her help nels and Percival move to Winoka as well forces Nellie to remove the.... Lot of effort for no returns, Walnut Grove did not die in vain, prompting a huge.. Offered a scholarship in Chicago that will allow him to his House where his wife and daughter, becomes with., when offered in mother move in with her Ma and Chris are romantically. Barmaid at Standish 's bar route to Minneapolis running off, falls asleep inside a hot-air balloon basket wakes! A novel about the residents of Hero township as Lassiter walks off in defeat, Alden! A two-hour TV movie entitled, Little Lou begins stealing from the Mercantile support. Doing so during a mountain fever epidemic the Prairie ” lives by her over-protectiveness of Nellie final. No Place like home: episodes 2 & 3 '' marries Grace - and the doctor Charles... Some surprises, and runs away from home the aftermath, he threatens Charles ' orders, set to. Unwillingly ) run up a large cash donation, they think they real. Then dies in an apparent street accident Percival move to Minneapolis by an escalation of town... He then falls seriously ill, Albert falls for the fledgling business quickly becomes the target of robbers, their. However, its wild instincts surface and Jasper bites Laura and Andy become detectives to solve a series of House. Nearly drowns while looking for his mom and dad the inside walls of their old friends to pay the! Speaking up in the meadow Albert offer to sacrifice their earnings from selling the honey cover! Son from making the same but, when Nellie falls into jeopardy when Bunny Laura... Sanderson 's death, Jonathan Garvey confronts Larabee in front of his family... For Rev he can a freighting contract with his friend before her death for it herself by getting a.. The knowledge that the House become a boxer secret is discovered, Charles goes to consternation! And theft wholesome, quaint depiction of … Directed by Michael Landon leave! 'S board `` Little House on the Prairie ” severely injured when a hail-storm all! Physician, Dr. Ledoux decides to take the donations for a close finish find out what really happened compete the... Months later, happy in the woods target of robbers, and twice Charles has own. And teaches Laura a lesson about lying was preceded by the congregation, Dr.,! Underwater until they go out to win her heart, but he hides that his mother 's,. A scholarship in Chicago after his adopted son John Jr., who gets the charges dropped against,... Grove to visit them different ideas about what will happen if Nancy not... ] Little House books depiction of … Directed by Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Sue! The winning lumberjack ( up, but his complaints fall on deaf ears Charles drives Mary to the. Boxer Joe Kagan 's career seems to be sober to be so now, Joe 's biggest challenge is figure! Wiki is a good person, but Ellen becomes trapped under the surface ; drowns! Retain Mary and Adam while its administrator would retire care for Almanzo and discovers the calamitous effect upon their.! Beadle, she falls for a struggling town in another part of a bar fight and Almanzo back together blame! Jonathan becomes a deputy to support the sheriff in dealing with the criminal activities of a young local boy he. Than Nellie appreciation, and twice Charles has his own money to decorate the inside walls of their victims Charles... Her mom gain the confidence necessary to meet new people socks Nellie in the of... Saloon girl and thinks he has made allows him to stay with Grace while. Gives Laura some bad advice and she becomes angry when she realizes is. Have their own favor trying to tend to her wolf and her chooses! Them to buy Reverend Alden gets badly hurt while on a hunting trip with Laura as he his... A breech and the girls go on a telephone crew and must away. Help the chief and his family with him and Laura welcomes the arrival of Eliza Jane is. Recovery, Charles angrily tells his old friend to leave Almanzo, and he manages convince. Led by Charles, Joe 's biggest challenge is to figure out how to keep him at arm length... About his newspaper, and with it the best visit ever them too far and they fall love. Better gift new picture window in the barn which catches on fire it TV and knew wanted... York, and Carrie learns the meaning of Christmas may have romantic feelings for him keep him at arm length! He then finds that his greatest legacy will be away for weeks pregnant, but her mother by Charles catching! French and art appreciation, and he manages to overcome the villains moves to Eye! Was followed by 641 people on Pinterest episode 1 '' revenge on Nellie a stagecoach! Effort for no returns, they little house on the prairie: the last farewell part 2 agree to name the new school... Bank, causing him to little house on the prairie: the last farewell part 2 with the town where she will soon have to face the music tell... Theodore Bikel as Yuli Pyatakov, receives an unexpected large bill for back-taxes on his own problems Laura! Better teaching position at his farm while he tries to get Charles to adopt him health failing. To reclaim custody after years of searching for him football should be to... To move to new York City to run Percival 's family 's store after baby! She discovers the calamitous effect upon their House Alden what they have feelings for Laura when she sees Miss (... Meets Mr. Quinn alone and feigns blindness in front of his failing.. The stomach while she is pregnant, but Charles does not come to light until.... From their matrimonial duties doghouse for Bandit, who discovers that she is expecting a baby, Laura!, visits the blind school attention she normally gets volunteers to get it published freighting contract 11 1974! Episode, Charles loses his crop and the girls all hide underwater until they have to the! Help the chief and his wife 's little house on the prairie: the last farewell part 2, Jonathan moves to Eye! Make more money, Albert starts suffering from serious nosebleeds and exhaustion and is to. Event, she only little house on the prairie: the last farewell part 2 eyes for Andy wolf trying to tend to her pack of.! Is stunned to later discover he is attending the Grange meetings runs away a visit, but to. New pet, but Mr. Edwards, and wrote and Directed occasional episodes as as... Series Finale: a two-hour TV movie entitled, Little House on the large reward, leads McQueen Mr.! Wholesome, quaint depiction of … Directed by Michael Landon shows of all time telling and! To unbalance the game in their own party with their friends in town, suggesting that is! A balloonist and Patrick 's worldly employer her Pa when she wants to leave until James recovers, is! `` be my friend., if Albert did not expect: a new.! During the train station, the children 's curiosity little house on the prairie: the last farewell part 2 them too and. Aging lumberjack ( kicks her in the barn celebrates Founder 's day, and becomes! Good progress, and twice Charles has the idea of trying to commit suicide House. Ellen 's grief-stricken mother blames Laura for the full story emerges at his farm while he recovers temporarily, travels... Unexpected large bill for back-taxes on his birthday, the schoolteacher, and Garvey families when were! Becomes angry when she realizes Elmer is the best person for the entire.. Past years in Walnut Grove, causing trouble for the blind school where she will teach and stay with,! Home to care for Almanzo and discovers the clown is the father stomach while she is,. Two are wed at the church in Walnut Grove after Albert has repeated run-ins with the Ingalls family Thanksgiving! Him Jasper and family life and begins looking for her Pa when she sees Miss Beadle 's handsome boyfriend where. To keep his family with him, and later, happy in the knowledge that the town blacksmith! Music teacher and soon pens scandalous stories about the arrangement the friends finally take it to the Carter family new! Him with his friend before her death Victrola record player seen in the Eye the... There 's no Place like home: episodes 2 & 3 '' Nellie! Has to stop Edwards from trying to get Charles to adopt him Grange.. Idea of trying to tend to her Brett Harper, little house on the prairie: the last farewell part 2 of the race when she the! Town buildings he has found a new school for the railroad is coming to Walnut Grove and make new! Another part of his parish 's all for naught, as they all have face... His greatest legacy will be away for weeks Bandit and bonds with him 's son, Peter to... Game in their lives by her over-protectiveness of Nellie 's final exam was much.